Episode 11 — What if Civil Society and Social Enterprise Underpin What’s Next?

Shaun Loney, author of A Beautiful Bailout, has been deeply engaged in more than 12 successful social enterprises. He has also been a senior civil servant. He has been walking the walk with social entrepreneurs for decades and offers cutting edge insights into an emerging social innovation revolution. Social enterprise and civil society organizations could find themselves in a newly powerful position to change our culture for the better and by far. Could they be at the centre of What’s Next?

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Episode 10 — Social Procurement a Game Changer for Cities

In the fall of last year, Peterborough City Councillor Kemi Akapo introduced a motion that the City of Peterborough investigate social purchasing. Social purchasing, also known as social procurement, is maturing in its depth of practice and in the number of organizations employing it.

In this podcast conversation David LePage, managing partner of Buy Social Canada, shares how ‘the light went on’ around social procurement, the winding road to overcoming hurdles, and the sure-footed steps that can be taken along the road to success. He also shares stories of how purchasers enjoy exercising new-found capacity to make a difference in their community through the great work they do every day.

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Episode 9 — Poverty is Not the Problem

With the advent of Peterborough’s very own tent city, Allan Reeve wrote and circulated two thoughtful pieces, Poverty’s Not the Problem and How Does Our Wealth Isolate.

In them he turned things on their heads a bit and asked some pointed questions. Allan invited a conversation to explore those questions and this podcast accepts the invitation and extends the conversation.

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Episode 8 — Peterborough Citizens Counter Racism

Earlier this year, Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, was invited by a Peterborough Inter-Faith community to speak at their Many Windows, One Light event. During the morning that followed Bernie spent some time in conversation with Peter Pula.

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Episode 5 – What’s Next for ECM

Electric City Magazine publisher Peter Pula talks about the efforts and offerings put forth by the ECM team since it’s purchase by the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution, how it has been possible to date, and what’s next.

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