Episode 8 — Peterborough Citizens Counter Racism

Anti-Racism Activist Bernie Farber Kudos Peterborough

Earlier this year, Bernie Farber, chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, was invited by a Peterborough Inter-Faith community to speak at their Many Windows, One Light event. During the morning that followed Bernie spent some time in conversation with Peter Pula.

Bernie believes these are dangerous times. He points to recent hate-motivated murders in Canada. He calls community members to be brave and raise a voice. While he understands this is difficult he says, “if I had to draw a map of how to do this, I would have taken a video of what the people of Peterborough did and show it.”

He said Peterborough is an example to behold.

During their conversation Bernie shares stories and reflections about how people, like those he mentions in Peterborough, are confronting racism and exercising their agency to make a difference. They spoke of the power of words to create worlds and the importance of cutting racism off at the ‘words’ stage. Dialogue and community building are critical elements for staving off the dangerous effects of racism.

Bernie, of Jewish heritage, shared his journey alongside members of First Nations communities to explore the experience of genocide each of their people have experienced.

This recording covers the ground of historical and inter-generational pain, the power of a name, frank observation of dangerous forces, the place of dialogue, and the ways ordinary people are standing up.

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